Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the internationally regarded concept for responsible corporate behavior – although it is not clearly defined. In a nutshell, CSR refers to the moral and ethical obligations of a company with regards to their employees, the environment, their competitors, the economy and a number of other areas of life that its business affects.

A properly implemented CSR concept can bring along a variety of competitive advantages, such as enhanced access to capital and markets, increased sales and profits, operational cost savings, improved productivity and quality, efficient human resource base, improved brand image and reputation, enhanced customer loyalty, better decision making and risk management processes.


Impacts of CSR

As investors become more socially conscious, they may want their investments to reflect their values. As a result, there has been a flurry of new investment products that emphasize companies with good track records of corporate social responsibility.

CSR is an evolving business practice that incorporates sustainable development into a company’s business model. It has a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors. CSR impacts companies, nonprofits, and employees alike. Corporate social responsibility is not a mandated practice in the United States; instead, it is something extra that companies do to improve their local and global communities.


Purpose of CSR

We help you to understand sustainability in a strategic, enterprise-wide fashion, to futureproof your organisation whilst maximising your stakeholder engagement and influencing skills.

When initiating CSR, give your employees a voice by involving them in the decision-making process. Create an internal team to spearhead the efforts and choose an organization or cause they care about. Contributing to something your employees are passionate about can increase engagement and success. Involving your employees in the decision-making process can also bring some clarity and assurance to your team.


What We Do

Our aim is not only to heal the suffering of mistreated and injured animals but also to prevent mistreatment by fighting overpopulation with humane and sustainable measures.

Our vision is a day when pets of all kinds can escape their previous lives of abuse or neglect and live in homes where they can provide their new family with unconditional love and be given the same in return.

Our mission is to release as many animals as we possibly can but provide lifetime care to those that cannot return to the wild. Some of these animals are confiscated from the illegal pet-trade and over-domesticated, or have long-term physical or neurological injuries that prevent their release.


Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility


Employees like working for a company that has a good public image and is constantly in the media for positive reasons. Employees who are proud of their company’s.


When businesses are conscious of their social and environmental impact on the world, they can benefit society by giving back and helping to find solutions to everyday issues.


Consumers are reporting more and more that they are likelier to work with companies or purchase goods from companies that are socially responsibles.